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The most important thing to know about us is how easy we make things for you. 

Sure, we’ll take a minute to tell you that owner Joe Mouad started his landscaping company when he was 18 and has been dogged about providing high quality landscaping services in Central Florida ever since.

We’re fully licensed and insured and staffed with skilled, kind, creative people.

But here’s what we really want you to know about us. 

Landscape design and installation is our focus and our passion.

We don’t mow or weed or fertilize. There are plenty of other guys who do that. 

We do the kind of high-end landscaping that brings your property from so-so to spectacular.

We bring the impressive patios, the cozy fire pits, the mature trees, the showy flower beds and the carpet of emerald green grass that will make you wonder why you’d want to go back inside. 

If you’re ready to ditch your barely-there landscaping and start enjoying a luxury retreat, here’s what to know about us:

  • We offer clear-cut proposals. There’s no guessing about what we include for the price — it’s all laid out for you.

  • We don’t require down payments. You read that right.

  • Once you’re happy, we’ll bill you. Simple as that.

Yes, we realize that’s huge. It’s how we do business.

It means we don’t drag our feet. We get in, we do quality work, we wrap it up and move on.

After all, you have a new patio to enjoy. Steaks to grill. A garden bursting with African iris and orange heliconia to gaze at and sniff and pop into a vase on the kitchen table. Marshmallows to roast. (Save us a couple, lightly toasted.)

We want you to get to the fun part. 

We pride ourselves on offering you a hassle-free landscape design and installation experience.

All the “paperwork” is done electronically. Easy. 

Worried about the potential headaches involved in a large-scale landscaping big project?

We’ve got this. 

We do all the permitting. You don’t have time to wait in line. Let us do all that. 

We take care of all the material deliveries and subcontractors.

Perplexing HOA documents? We’ll help you fill them out, so you can get approval for your project. No fretting about “What should I write here?” Just ask us. We’ll help you gather the info the board needs.

We’ll do all the hard work, from demolition to clean-up and everything in-between. 

We have the vehicles and equipment to get the job done right and in a timely manner. 

If you need landscaping services in Orange, Lake, Osceola, Seminole or Volusia counties, we’re your company.

We’ll tackle your project with integrity, skill and good old-fashioned hard work. 

We see each job through until the very end, when you — our customer — are happy. 

And when the last paver is laid, the irrigation timers set, the sod installation barefoot-ready, your bill is exactly what you expected.

We don’t throw hidden costs at you at the end. We know the unexpected always happens along the way. That’s why we already budgeted for it — in the first place. 

Told you we look out for you. 

Now you know all the best stuff about us.

We can’t wait to learn about you. 

Ready to transform your property?

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Joe and his team have done multiple projects at our home over the years, a total re-sod, significant landscaping, pavers, and more. We will absolutely continue to use Ground Source for projects in the future.
Gary M. Davis - Orlando, FL

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