You know your landscaping needs help. Maybe it’s even a stretch to call what you have now landscaping.

If your grass is mostly weeds, your dining patio is actually a crumbling concrete slab, and several generations of moles live in your overgrown flower beds, it’s hard to know where to start.

Start with us. 

We know exactly where to begin — with the major components of any great landscaping renovation: design, installation, and hardscape. 

These three key elements are the building blocks that will make your landscaping shine.

Landscape Design & Installation 

Here’s where it all starts, from ideas and inspiration to your finished outdoor lifestyle.

Our designers will sit down with you to create a custom landscape design and installation plan that includes all the elements perfect for your lifestyle. 

They love this stuff.

Put your feet up. This will be fun. Envision the outdoor living you’ve always wanted, but could never quite pull together because — we know — it’s a bit overwhelming.

Not with us. We make landscaping services in Orlando easy.

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Hardscaping & Pavers

If you think of the soft side of landscaping first, that’s understandable.

Cushy new sod, the delicate blossoms of a flowering tree, a garden bed of ornamental grasses that wave in the breeze.

But luxurious landscaping starts with hardscape and builds from there.

The perfect hardscape design and installation make your landscaping livable.

It’s the elegant paver patio where you arrange plump-cushioned furniture to lounge on after work.

It’s the cozy fire pit where you gather the family to reconnect over flickering flames, with enough built-in seating to accommodate whoever brings the marshmallows.

It's the upgraded walkways and driveways that people love to gawk at and walk on.

Start with great hardscaping and pavers, and your landscaping becomes part of your living space.

Ready to start living? 

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Landscape Lighting

You're proud of your home. You love its unique style and maybe you've invested in improving its landscaping and hardscaping. You love coming home to admire its beauty.

But what happens after the sun goes down? A beautiful property should be enjoyed at any hour of the day! Cue the landscape lighting.

Adding landscape lighting will not only help to make you the 24-hour spectacle of beauty in the neighborhood, but it also has other added benefits.

Intruders, don't even think about lurking! A softly-lit home can deter would-be delinquents.

Trips and falls? They can be drastically reduced by having walkways, driveways, and other property features lit with landscape lighting.

This is just the bright idea you've been looking for.

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Joe and his team have done multiple projects at our home over the years, a total re-sod, significant landscaping, pavers, and more. We will absolutely continue to use Ground Source for projects in the future.
Gary M. Davis - Orlando, FL

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