Warranty Information

Landscape Plantings

All plants shall be warranted for a period of one year from date of installation, provided payment has been made in full upon completion of project. The warranty extends only to grass we install. Warranty excludes situations outside of our control; e.g. freeze, drought, over- watering, and wind damage to name a few. Warranty does not cover any insect that is uncontrollable, such as the palm tree damaging beetle, though this should not be applicable in this case. Customer must maintain a regular shrub care program with a licensed fertilization company for the period of one year to ensure damaging insects and disease are kept to a minimum. Customer must also contact us immediately upon noticing any problems with any plants so that we can be proactive in ensuring we fix the problem before it damages other plants.


PAVER WARRANTY - Two-year warranty on all paver installation, which covers defects in material and workmanship. Warranty specifically covers cracking, settling, and shifting. Bid includes removal of concrete and soil/sod excavation (including hauling costs), cost and install of fines, pavers specified on bid, paver sand for gap filling, clean-up and disposing of excess material, hand-troweled concrete edge restraint, rinse off paver dust from plants/buildings, and stacking of excess pavers in specified location. Pavers require one sub-layer of crushed concrete fines 3-4" in depth for patios/walkways and 6-7" for driveways. Sealing pavers, pressure-washing of nearby surfaces, irrigation modifications, sod repair, and chase pipes are NOT included. Claims of defects in pavers made after installation starts can result in additional labor and material cost. Concrete pavers naturally have variations in color, texture, and wear and we cannot be held responsible since they are not "defective" that way.

Sod Installation

We will warranty grass for 30 days provided customer adheres to the following post care requirements; turf must be treated within five business days with a starter fertilizer, an acceptable insecticide, and an acceptable fungicide. Acceptable fungicides include Heritage, Headway, Eagle, Spectator, or Dorado. Acelepryn is the only acceptable insecticide for the first treatment, the second treatment may consist of Talstar, Acelepryn, Cross Check, or Upstar.

Between the period of June 1st and September 30th, a second insecticide and fungicide application must be applied approximately two weeks following the first application. If you had chinch bugs prior to replacing the sod and your yard has not been treated with Arena you will need to treat with Arena in addition to the above products.

Watering instructions can be found at www.groundsource.pro/postcare and must be followed, please be sure to account for rainfall when running irrigation as our irrigation instructions to not account for rainfall. We are unable to warranty any turf in shaded areas during the summer season of June 1st through September 30th, installation between October 1st and May 31st would ensure a better transplant in shaded areas due to the inconsistent weather patterns and high humidity. We are also unable to warranty against over- watering.

Irrigation Installation and Repair

Unless otherwise stated, proposal does not include sod repair, replenishing any mulch we have to dig through, or any other landscaped area(s) we may need to dig through, though we will take due care to minimize damages to the extent of what our work scope requires. Any additional work needed will be proposed on a separate proposal, often the estimator may not know the full extent of damage if pressure is down and he/ she is unable to properly access the entire system due to loss of pressure or other similar circumstances.

The limit of liability for any irrigation services and/ or products, either not performed correctly or for defective parts, is not to exceed the cost of our services and parts. We are in no way responsible for the cost of the landscape and/ or turf, it is the customer's sole responsibility to notify us immediately if there is something malfunctioning so that we can immediately rectify the issue. Service and parts are warranted for 90 days, including valves when repairing a valve or a couple of valves, but not all valves, excludes lightning damage. When replacing all valves on the system, the warranty is one year, excluding lightning damage.

Timers and rain sensors are warranted for a period of one year, excluding lightning and water damage. Backflow devices are warranted for one year, excluding freeze damage. When installing new systems all components are guaranteed for a period of one year, though the above exclusions apply. All warranty items are for defects in material/ workmanship only, and in no way attempt to cover heads that are broken from mowers/ vehicle traffic, unless installed improperly.

Landscape Lighting

We offer a one year parts and labor warranty covering defects in material and labor, however, many products are guaranteed longer than the initial year. If beyond the initial year the customer is responsible for paying our labor, though we will work with the manufacturer to get the part credited. In any event the warranty is denied by manufacturer, customer is responsible for paying for parts and labor.

Lighting warranties can be found at the following site: