Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping out of control? Sure, the lawn gets mowed and the podocarpus gets trimmed. 

But if you can’t remember the last time you had new mulch, your lawn is struggling, or that mountain of oak leaves thinks your place is its permanent address, it’s time for a residential landscape maintenance boost. 

Commercial properties, you’re in this, too. Your lawn service breezes in to mow, fertilize and trim. But over time, your lawn gets compacted from all that foot traffic, and your landscaping starts growing over the edges of your hardscape.

Things don’t look as great as they did on opening day, right? Commercial landscape maintenance can get away from you. We'll help you get things back under control.

While Ground Source does not offer weekly maintenance or mowing, our teams can help you get a handle on seasonal maintenance tasks.

Get a Landscape Maintenance Boost

Ground Source crews will swoop in for a few hours or a whole day of full-on attention to tackle the needs that pile up over time.

Fresh new mulch to replace the yucky decaying stuff.

Rich, nutritious top dressing for your hungry lawn to level out the dips and bumps and nourish your soil.

Aeration to let in the air and water your compacted lawn needs to breathe. If your lawn is struggling, even though you water and fertilize, aeration can bring it back to life.

When You Need More Than A Mow and a Trim

You probably have your mowing and trimming covered. That’s not what we do.

Our Orlando landscape maintenance service crews show up with a targeted plan to clean up your property and refresh it with the vital services that tend to get neglected.

Big-time cleanup. Pro attention for struggling lawns. Timely mulch replacement to keep things spiffy.

Let your lawn service handle the weekly tasks. Landscape maintenance in Central Florida doesn’t always hit the big needs.

When it’s time for a deeper dive, bring in landscape maintenance crews with a plan of attack that goes beyond the basics for landscaping that looks like you really care.

Consider it a power visit for wow-worthy results.

Ground Source Landscaping does not offer weekly maintenance or mowing.

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Joe and his team have done multiple projects at our home over the years, a total re-sod, significant landscaping, pavers, and more. We will absolutely continue to use Ground Source for projects in the future.
Gary M. Davis - Orlando, FL

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