8 Common DIY Sprinkler System Installation Mistakes

Posted by Joe Mouad on Dec 29, 2022 10:45:00 AM

Nobody’s judging here, but think back for a minute to your last DIY mistake. 

That time you tried to fix the dryer and a small fire happened. The Purple Bedroom Nightmare of 2014. The incident your family refers to as When There Was So Much Water Everywhere. 

It’s tempting to try to save some bucks and tackle DIY sprinkler system installation.

Maybe you’ve got this. But just in case, here’s a few common irrigation installation mistakes:

1. Installing Sprinkler Heads Too Far Apart 

You might think this will save you some money, but it actually can kill your grass if every bit of your lawn doesn’t get water. 

sprinkler head in grassAll irrigation heads have a maximum throwing distance — the distance the water will reach. Make sure you have head-to-head coverage, so every inch of your lawn gets the water it needs to thrive.

2. Forgetting a Rain Sensor

A rain sensor will turn off your irrigation system if it’s raining. It saves you from paying for water your lawn doesn’t need. It also saves embarrassment— it looks pretty dumb when your irrigation system is chugging away during a downpour.

3. Irrigation Installation Mistakes: Trenches are Tricky

When you have professional irrigation installation in Central Florida, crews dig trenches 6 inches wide and about 12 inches deep to accommodate all the pipe and fittings. 

holes dug in dirt for irrigation repairMaybe you get tired of digging at 6 inches and decide to call it good. Or maybe you figure if 12 inches deep is good, 14 must be even better.

Both are mistakes. Those pipes shouldn’t be too close to the surface or too deep.

4. DIY Irrigation Installation Mistake: Sprinkler Heads That Are Too Short

A 4-inch pop-up sprinkler head is standard for lawns. Placed underground, it rises when the water turns on and waters your lawn.

But Floratam St. Augustine grass is the most common type of grass today for homes and businesses in Central Florida. And this type of grass should be maintained at 4 to 4.5 inches high.

So an Orlando sprinkle system needs 6-inch heads, not 4-inch, because they rise up higher to clear the taller grass.

Experienced pros know this. Your average DIY-er might not. No offense.

5. Low-quality Components

Like most things, irrigation system components come in varying levels of quality.

Read The Essential Guide to Hiring the Right Irrigation Company
It’s tempting to save money by using off-brand components. But again, like most things, you get what you pay for. 

Here at Ground Source, we use Rain Bird and Hunter valves, heads, and controllers for the best quality.

7. Neglecting to Include Flex Pipe

When Ground Source pros install sprinkler heads, they include 12-18 inches of flex pipe, greatly decreasing the odds of a broken pipe when a lawnmower or car hits the irrigation heads.

That’s not a step most DIY-ers would know to take. '

8. Irrigation Installation Mistake: Not Using Expert Design 

Good sprinkler system installation is about more than digging trenches and cutting pipe. It all starts with expert design.

A big part of skilled design is planning irrigation zones.

Each area of your yard gets divided into sections called zones, set up so every part of your landscaping gets the perfect amount of water for its unique needs. 

irrigation experts install irrigation under walkwayCombine a variety of sprinkler heads, and just the right spacing, and everything from your grass to your shrubs to your flower beds gets the right amount of water, without waste. 

If you skimp on the number of irrigation heads or the number of zones to reduce the amount of materials and save money, you’ll pay for it down the road. 

Bad design can mean you waste hundreds to thousands of gallons of water each year. It’s not great for your lawn’s health, either.

DIY Irrigation Installation Done: Now What?

Installing an irrigation system is a big job. But it’s just the beginning. 

What happens when something goes wrong?

Sprinkler system maintenance year-round is crucial. Valves leak. Heads get clogged or broken. Your controller might be set all wrong for the season.

irrigation expert repairs sprinkler systemAn irrigation technician checks for all of these things, and more, including testing each zone to make sure it’s working properly, and no areas are too wet or too dry.

And they’ll catch any potential sprinkler system problems before they turn into big, expensive repairs.

Weird spraying or misting? It won’t turn on — or it won’t turn off? 

Whatever goes wrong with whatever part of your irrigation system, our skilled technicians will have it back up and running in no time. 

Can you do all that yourself? Or will this be When There Was So Much Water Everywhere: Part 2?

Trust Your Central Florida Sprinkler Installation to Ground Source

Lots of homeowners trust us for their irrigation installation in Central Florida, and we love transforming lawns that way. 

But then, you can count on us to stick around, for important routine maintenance as well as any irrigation repair needs that pop up.

We’ve got you covered — and your landscaping expertly watered. All you have to do is relax on your front porch and admire the lawn 

We’re irrigation experts, but our skills don’t stop there. We’re with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

Sod, irrigation, landscape design. Let us transform your yard from an embarrassing eyesore to a place you can’t wait to come home to.

Are you ready to enjoy the vibrant, impressive yard you've always wanted? Request a quote today! We’ll help you review your options and then transform your property.
Read The Essential Guide to Hiring the Right Irrigation Company

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