DIY Artificial Turf Installation vs. Hiring a Pro in Central Florida

Posted by Joe Mouad on Jan 19, 2023 8:54:43 AM

Some DIY projects are easier than others.

Put a new doormat on your front porch? Easy.

Install a new roof? Hard. 

What about installing a green expanse of beautiful lawn that never needs mowing, fertilizing, or watering, and always stays green?

(You’re suddenly in a kind of trance right now just thinking about it, right?)

Yup, we’re talking about artificial turf. Grass, but not grass. 

Can you install artificial grass yourself? Sure. Should you? 

Ask yourself a few questions:

How Big is the Job?

Are you installing a small dog run for your pooch? Is your yard so small your party guests have to take turns watching you grill the burgers?

Use This Guide To Create The Landscape of Your Dreams
The smaller the area, the less work. 

artificial turf near fire bowlBut the more artificial turf you have to install, the longer it will take you. (More swearing.) Lots of grass means more seams to fuss with too, and those are tricky. You don’t want the seams to show at all — a lumpy, uneven installation is a big giveaway that it’s not a natural lawn. 

Big yard? Lots of seams? You probably want to hire a pro.

What’s Your Soil Like?

Installing artificial turf means digging down about three inches and removing your existing soil. 

dirt in front yard of homeWhat’s down there? Lots of rocks? Thick roots? Irrigation lines? 

Ugh. Get ready for a real workout. Or make it easy on yourself and hire an artificial turf installation company.

Do You Have a Bunch of Spare Time?

You might imagine your new artificial turf just rolls out easy peasy like a roll of green carpet. Get up in the morning, install it, and head out to dinner to celebrate your new lawn. 

Not exactly.

artificial turf near pool with firebowl and landscape bedsArtificial turf installation in Central Florida involves a couple full days of labor even for experienced crews. Obviously it’ll take longer for a beginner. (No offense. It’s just a fact.)

If you have the time and want to tackle it, grab your knee pads — and later, your heating pad — and have at it. But if you’d rather not spend a couple weekends with a shovel and sore muscles, a Central Florida artificial turf installation company would be happy to get it done while you relax — or shop for new patio furniture.

Do You Really Want to Risk It?

Yes, you can save money with DIY artificial turf installation. That’s tempting, right? 

artificial turf installed near landscape bedsBut it’s hard work. Lots of digging. The big rolls of turf are awkward and heavy. 

There are specific skills the pros use to make sure installation is flawless and looks like real grass — compacting the surface; making sure the blades of grass are all laying in the same direction; expertly cutting the turf; applying the infill so the grass blades pop up and look natural.

Why Hire a Pro for Artificial Turf Installation?

While the steps for artificial turf installation are pretty straightforward, plenty of things can go wrong if you haven’t done this before.

landscape team prepares soil for turf installationStretching the turf, matching the seams, and cutting around trees and other objects is tricky. Any lumps, bumps, mismatched seams, or ragged edges will make it obvious that it’s not real turf.

Hire a reputable, experienced Central Florida artificial turf installation company, and they’ll not only do the job right, and clean up the mess, they’ll stand behind their work and be available if you experience any problems. That’s huge.

Trust Your Artificial Turf Installation in Central Florida to Ground Source

DIY projects can save you money, give you that great feeling of accomplishment, and the chance to brag a bit to your neighbor. Plus, wearing a tool belt feels kind of cool, right? 

But this is your lawn we’re talking about. It needs to look great. And artificial turf installation is a big financial investment. You want it done perfectly. 

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