Dos and Don'ts of Sod Installation

Posted by Joe Mouad on Jan 4, 2011 2:53:37 PM

If you're planning to install sod, there are so many ways to do it properly and how not to do it. You can easily enjoy a good sodded piece of land or you can just create a big muddy mess.

Installing sod can be regarded as quite an easy task. People think that it's so easy that a lot of mistakes can be made throughout the process. So it would be better to heed some sod advice. So here are some dos and don’ts to all those green thumbs wannabes out there in cyberspace.

Don't just buy as much sod as you want. You can if you want to waste money.

Do measure the area you'd like to apply sod on then order the right amount.

Don't estimate.

Do sketch out your area and put their measurements. Buying sod would be easier for your supplier to understand. They can't usually work on estimates but they can work on hard facts.

Don't just dump the sod on to the soil.

Do prepare it first by loosening the surface and adding fertilizer. Use a spade for the top 4 to 6 inches. Then remove all roots and clods. Smoothen with a rake then water to see if you have an even ground.

Don't start sodding from nowhere.

Do start installing sod to the longest straight line and work towards the other end. Make sure it fits like a puzzle piece. Then water the new turf, enough to make sure that water will seep through below.

Don't leave it out to dry.

Do water your turf regularly for the next two weeks. Then gradually lessen when the turf takes root. Continue to water in amounts that suit your weather conditions.

And now, your sod is now installed perfectly. You're now ready to green your thumbs and enjoy your fresh green lawn or garden.

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