Easy Residental Landcape Design Ideas

Posted by Joe Mouad on Sep 30, 2015 5:02:59 PM

When it comes to creating a landscape design for your Orlando home, most can usually say what they like, but have no idea how to make it happen. That's where the help of a professional landscape designer comes in. Before you make an appointment with our landscape designer, we wanted to give you some examples of popular ideas to use in your yard. If any of these sound appealing, talk to your designer about them.

Embrace the grid:

One modern landscape design trend that's been catching on is creating grid patterns in your yard by using lots of squares and rectangles. This can be achieved using pavers, grass tiles, or even raised planter beds. This layout can look great in any sized yard, but it's especially effective for smaller yards because it can make them look bigger.

Create your own zen:

Another major trend is having a space in the backyard for relaxing and meditating, better known as a zen garden. Some of the elements that we as a landscape design and installation team can add to help you create your zen garden are Asian plants like bamboo or flowering cherry trees, a paver pathway that leads to a private area, or a seating area with plants around it to block out any noise. We'll also work with you to make plans for other elements that we don't do, like water features or outdoor art.

Growing more and more popular is the idea of xeriscaping (landscaping that requires little water usage). There are plenty of benefits to this form of landscaping, including water conservation, low maintenance, and no pollution from using gas-powered mowers. While this sounds simple, choosing the right types of plants and the right landscape elements to make up your xeriscape can be tricky. You'd still want to employ the help of a landscape designer to get it right.

Gotta love water:

Water features are always popular in creating a relaxing space in your backyard. Whether it's a swimming pool that takes up a large space or a small pond, they always add an extra bit of fun to any backyard space. We don't do water features, but we can still help you create a great landscape design that can help highlight an existing or developing water feature.

Your home is yours. You worked hard to get it; now you get to turn it into the home you've always wanted. That includes your yard. You can take some of these ideas and run with them, combine them to create your dream outdoor space, or create new ideas that no one else has tried yet. No matter which path you take, give a call to Ground Source and let our landscape design team help make your dream a reality.