How To Choose The Right Sod For Your Orlando Property

Posted by Joe Mouad on Oct 22, 2019 10:55:48 AM

The perfect yard is developed through Florida lawn care, but before you even get that far, you have to choose the right grass. Choosing the right grass means considering the different types of sod. Your four considerations are:

  1. Maintenance: how much care you can or want to put into it
  2. Environment: where you?ll be placing the sod
  3. Usage: how you will be using it
  4. Appearance: how you want it to look

If you have a Homeowners? Association, you may also have to ask what types of sod they allow.


Maintenance is a major consideration. Great-looking lawns usually require a lot of maintenance, and some grasses will die off if they don't get what they need. You need to consider the following:

  1. Water - Do you have an irrigation system? Or will you be able to water twice weekly? You also need to think about your water bill, as some grasses can be very thirsty.
  2. Fertilizer - Some grasses demand regular applications of fertilizer, which adds to the cost and the workload.
  3. Mowing - How often do you want to mow? Will your budget cover a landscape company?
  4. Wear - If you choose a grass that wears easily, you may need to re-sod regularly.
  5. Pests & disease - All grasses are susceptible to various problems that can cause them to die off. It?s important to ask about each species of grass you?re considering. Will your budget cover a fertilization and pest control company?
Don?t worry, we?ll give you professional guidance each step of the way. Feel free to call us for a free consultation or fill out our Contact Us form with any questions you may have


Different grasses are adapted to different environmental conditions. You?ll need to know:

  • How much sunlight will your lawn get?
  • How much natural water do you have?
  • What type and pH of soil do you have? (Ground Source can help you determine this.)


  • What will the lawn be used for?
  • How much foot and animal traffic will the area get? Is it just an attractive landscaping feature, or do you want something that's hardy for kids to play on?
  • What season do you want your lawn to look its best? If you're a winter resident, you should consider a cool season grass rather than a warm season grass, though some varieties like Zoysia hold up well in both.


Our sod is classified as flawless nearly every single time we install, so rest assured that your new lawn will look great. Just keep in mind these other considerations:

  • Do you want lush, thick green grass, or are you happy with something a little more sparse?
  • Will your lawn be a backdrop for other greenery?
  • Do you care if the lawn has weeds as long as it is green, or do you want that perfectly manicured lawn that?s always 99% weed-free and green?

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