Irrigation System Maintenance Checklist for Florida Homeowners

Posted by Joe Mouad on Oct 21, 2021 12:11:23 PM

Maybe your current irrigation system maintenance checklist looks like this:

  1. Wonder if something might be wrong with your irrigation system.
  2. Ignore it and hope you’re wrong.
  3. Freak out when your grass starts turning brown.

No offense, but that’s a terrible checklist. 

Here’s a better one. Run through these steps to make sure your Central Florida irrigation system is running smoothly. 

1. Check Your Controller

Your irrigation system controller is the brains of your entire irrigation system.

Check all your run times to make sure your system isn’t watering your landscaping too much or too little.

irrigation technician adjusting controller

You might think you have a leak because you’re using more water than you think you should be. But maybe your controller is set to turn on too many times.

Make sure it’s set for the right season, too. If it’s set to water more often than your property needs for this time of year, too much water is ending up on your property, causing wet spots. 

Sometimes fixing your irrigation problem can be as easy as resetting the controller with the proper run times

2. Inspect Sprinkler Heads 

Your sprinkler heads work really hard. They might get knocked out of alignment by mowers or heavy foot traffic.

Sprinkler head spraying

Follow these irrigation system maintenance tips designed for those hard-working sprinkler heads: 

  • Are sprinkler heads hitting all areas of your lawn?
  • Are they only hitting the lawn, or are they spraying areas they shouldn’t, like your sidewalks, driveway, or the side of your house?
  • Make sure all heads pop up all of the way and fully retract when the water is turned off. If they don’t go down all the way, they can get hit by your lawnmower.
  • Are any sprinkler heads blocked by tall grass, plants, or other obstacles? Sprinkler heads can be raised if they are too low or have settled.
  • Clean or replace any clogged nozzles.  

3. Check Your Backflow 

Your backflow device allows water to go through your irrigation system in one direction but prevents it from going backwards in the opposite direction.

Sometimes the handle on your backflow valve gets inadvertently shut off. When it’s off, it restricts any water from flowing past the backflow and to your sprinkler system valves. 

It should be on. 

4. Test Your Zones

Irrigation system maintenance in Central Florida means making sure precious water is going only where it should. 

Do a two-minute test on each of your irrigation system zones. 

irrigation running in grass

As the water sprays, watch for a few things:

  • Are any heads leaking or broken?
  • Are any spots too wet or too dry?
  • Is water hitting only where it should, and not over spraying on pavement or hitting buildings?
  • Are any heads clogged with debris?
  • How’s the pressure? Water will stream out of the sprinkler instead of forming a spray if the pressure is too low or mist excessively if it’s too high.
  • Is there a need for irrigation repair? 

Don’t Ignore Sprinkler System Maintenance

It doesn’t take long for a healthy green lawn or landscape to turn brown and die without enough water.

That’s why sprinkler system maintenance year-round is crucial.

But do you really have time to run through an irrigation system maintenance checklist? 

Probably not. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems out there. 

Valves leak. Heads get clogged or broken. Your controller might be set all wrong for the season.

lawn irrigation inspection

An irrigation technician checks for all of these things, and more, including testing each zone to make sure it’s working properly, and no areas are too wet or too dry.

And they’ll catch any potential problems before they turn into big, expensive repairs. 

Leave Sprinkler System Maintenance to Ground Source 

Maybe you’ve got your sprinkler system maintenance covered. Or maybe you want to hand it all over to the pros and hit the pool or patio.

We’ve got you.

Whatever goes wrong with whatever part of your irrigation system, our skilled technicians will have it back up and running in no time. 

We’re irrigation experts, but our skills don’t stop there. We’re with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

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