Relaxing Courtyard in Groveland

Posted by Joe Mouad on Mar 18, 2015 10:30:05 AM

Everyone has different reasons for wanting a new landscape design or a to have pavers installed at their home. We were asked by a client in Groveland to create a private and relaxing area where they could sit and meditate. We are always happy to give homeowners their own personal oasis, so we got started.

In the original area, you can see the space was plenty to create an outdoor area for the homeowner to relax. It just took the eye of our landscape designer and the skills of our team.

orlando landscape design
Orlando Hardscape Design

We constructed a seat wall and entry columns to enclose the area. We used Weston Universal wall units in a harvest blend color from Belgard for the wall and columns. The homeowner chose a combination of Pennsylvania bluestone and brown river rock for the patio surface. They also selected a rod iron gate the go between the columns for a truly nice entry.

To help meet the client's needs for privacy, we also added new Viburnum shrubs. They may look small now, but as they grow, they'll create a nice green fence around the patio. We topped the beds around the Viburnums with new cypress mulch.

Orlando Landscape Design

To help the new Viburnums grow, we had to re-route the irrigation lines so the new hedges would get watered as well as continue to water the rest of the sod. Re-routing irrigation lines is a key part of any home remodeling job, so our team of irrigation experts came in to take care of that easily.

Orlando Landscape Design

Last, we also did some work on the existing pavers around the pool. We re-leveled some areas that needed it, and then we pressure-washed the deck, re-sanded the joints, and then sealed the deck.

The end result is the homeowner's own little paradise. This is something we do everyday, and we can do the same thing in your yard. Contact Ground Source and find out how to get your own backyard oasis.