The Best Sod Type For Sandy Soil in Central Florida

Posted by Joe Mouad on Mar 30, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Sand is great when you’re at the beach with bare toes, in a sandbox with your favorite toy dump truck, or need emergency cat litter.

But when sand is underneath your grass, it can be a challenge. Clermont, Groveland, we’re talking to you. It’s sand city out there.

Sandy soil is made up of loose particles and air pockets. Water drains through this type of soil quickly, and has a hard time hanging on to it. The loose structure of sand makes it tougher for roots to take hold, too. Slopes make it even tougher for grass roots to take hold in sandy soil. 

What grass grows best in Florida sandy soil? Most varieties of sod will grow in sandy soil, as long as it gets regular watering, but a few varieties are extra suited for it. 

Here are the best grass types for sandy soil in Florida:

St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is one of the most popular lawn types in Florida, for lots of reasons:

  • It tolerates our heat and humidity.
  • Its attractive blue-green blades form a dense turf that establishes quickly and easily.
  • It thrives in a variety of soil and light conditions, including sandy soil, as long as you commit to proper watering. 
  • Some varieties do well in shade.

If you have a typical yard with minimal slopes, and you stay on top of watering, pretty and popular St. Augustine can work in your sandy soil.Seville St. Augustine
If your sandy-soil yard is so full of slopes people are lining up to sand ski, you might want to check out one of these alternate varieties:


Zoysia grass has long, strong roots that can take hold in the looser soil structure of sand. 

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It also handles drought well, so it doesn’t freak out about water quickly draining through sandy soil.Palisades zoysia grass
Zoysia is green most of the year, dense, with great drought recovery.

It doesn’t grow too fast, resists weeds, stands up to wear, and adapts to a wide range of soil types — making zoysia a good sod for sandy soil.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass actually prefers well-drained soil, so sandy soil is a great match.Celebration Bermudagrass sod - edits
This hardy grass is known for tolerating difficult conditions, from heat to drought to foot traffic. And it recovers from damage quicker than other types of grass.

Among the most drought-tolerant grasses, Bermuda does need plenty of sun, though. So don’t plan on it for shady areas.  

Bahia Grass

Bahia grass isn’t usually a homeowner’s first choice for sod.

Not exactly known for its high quality, Bahia is a mix of grass types that can also include wild grasses and weeds. bahia grass 3
But it’s among the best grass for sandy soil in Florida.

Bahia has a deep and vigorous root system, able to take hold in the loose soil structure of sand. It has great heat and drought tolerance, too, making it adaptable to almost any type of soil conditions.

And it doesn’t need as much water as other sod types, so it’s a good match for sandy soil. 

If you’re the no-maintenance type, don’t want to fuss with irrigation, and are fine with a wilder, pasture-like look, Bahia might fit the bill. It’s also the cheapest sod variety. 

Don’t Forget Water and Fertilizer

Once you’ve found the best sod for sandy soil, remember it needs plenty of water. 

Make sure water reaches every area of your grass. Stay on top of your irrigation system maintenance to make sure your sandy soil always gets the water it needs for your lawn to thrive. sprinklers water grass
Water between midnight and 4 a.m. That’s when your sandy soil can best absorb the water, and it will saturate well.

The loose structure of sandy soil means nutrients flow through quickly, too. So regular fertilizing is a must.

Best Sod for Sandy Soil in Florida: Trust Ground Source

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Let us walk you through your choices to find the best match. 

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