How to Prepare for Sod Delivery and Installation: 7 Important Tips

Posted by Joe Mouad on Apr 27, 2020 10:14:04 AM

So, you’re planning to order a delivery of fresh, green sod to install, finally making your yard that lush oasis of your dreams.

Pretty exciting! Delivery day can’t come soon enough, right?

Are you prepared for your sod delivery and installation? 

Here at Ground Source, most of our customers hire us to both remove their existing turf and then install a fresh new sod lawn.

But if you’re tackling the sod installation yourself, here are some pro tips to prepare for sod delivery::

1. Plan Ahead for Sod Delivery 

You want everything ready before your new sod arrives. 

sod being delivered and installed at Orlando, FL home

The sooner your fresh sod goes from the farm to your soil, the better, so it doesn’t dry out. The same day is best.

And, as you’ll see here, some of the sod delivery preparation you need to do takes some time and effort. 

2. Kill Your Existing Lawn Before Sod Delivery

To prepare your yard for sod you need to kill existing grass. Spray the current turf to kill it. This is done a week or two ahead of time. This is a crucial step. If not done right, wild grass will grow up through your new sod.

Don’t be in a hurry here. The process can take from one to three applications, depending on what type of weeds are lurking in your lawn. The number of weeds can be a factor here, too.

Be sure this task is complete before your sod delivery. 

3. Flag Sprinkler Heads

Another tip to prep for sod delivery and installation, mark sprinkler heads and any shallow cable lines so they don’t get cut during the sod removal process.

4.  Break Out the Sod Cutter

This is a walk-behind machine powered with a 5-horsepower gas engine. It has a sharp blade that slices through the old turf. You can rent them at most rental companies that handle lawn equipment. 

sod cutter being used to remove sod before new sod installation

You’ll want another person on hand to follow behind you with a pitchfork to tuck the cut sod to the side, so it doesn’t get tangled with the next pass.

Be prepared. It’s physically demanding to maneuver the heavy, unwieldy sod cutter. It really vibrates. It weighs about 350 lbs. You have to wrestle it through the lawn. Have your favorite pain reliever handy. 

5.  Toss That Turf 

Once the sod is cut, use pitchforks, rakes, or shovels to toss the sections of turf into a dumpster. You’re probably going to end up with a lot more debris than you’re expecting.

6. Level, Level, Level Before Sod Delivery 

To prepare for sod installation you need to level out any imperfections on your lawn before sod is delivered. You don’t want to sweat through all this hard work then realize later that there were low areas that weren't addressed or humps that you could stumble over. Some corrective grading before your sod delivery goes a long way.

Sod installation on level lawn

7. Check Your Irrigation System Before Sod Delivery 

New sod needs lots of water over the first few weeks and months. 

You don’t want to find out after your new sod is down that you have broken heads, a zone that doesn’t work, or controller problems.

You want to know that now, so you can have any problems repaired before your sod delivery.

Ready for Sod Delivery in Orlando? Trust Ground Source

Most of our customers have their old sod removed as part of their new sod installation, and all this preparation is included in the total cost.

But if you’re tackling the sod installation yourself, we hope these tips help you out before your sod delivery.

If you decide the DIY dirt, labor, and stress are too much of a hassle, we’d love to expertly install your fresh, healthy, new sod lawn.

We’re sod removal experts, but our skills don’t stop there. We’re with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

Sod, irrigation, landscape design: Let us transform your yard from an embarrassing eyesore to a place you spend every spare minute.

Are you ready to enjoy the vibrant, impressive yard you've always wanted? Request a quote today! We’ll help you review your options and then transform your property.

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