8 Questions to Ask Sod Installers in Orlando, FL Before Accepting a Proposal

Posted by Joe Mouad on Apr 13, 2020 11:43:38 AM

So, you need new sod. Your first question is probably “Who are the sod installers near me?”

Sure, that’s a good start. But there are more important questions.

You don’t just want the closest sod installer. You want the best sod installer, who you can trust to show up, do the job right, and deliver the freshest, healthiest sod. 

You don’t want to wonder, worry, or wish you’d made a better choice.

Ask these questions before you sign on the line.  

1. Do Your Sod Installers Completely Kill Existing Weeds and Grass?

If sod installers skip this step, the old grass and weeds will more easily creep back in and infiltrate your pristine new lawn.

Your sod installers shouldn’t be in a hurry here. The process can take several applications of non-selective weed control, depending on what type of weeds, and how many, are lurking in your current lawn.

If this important first step isn’t done right, you're more likely to see unwanted grass and weeds creep into your new lawn. While it’s not possible to prevent every future weed, the right steps here go a long way.

2. Will You Help Me Choose the Best Sod for My Site?

There’s more than one variety of grass available for your Orlando property.

Sod installation in Orlando, FL

Is your property sunny or shady? Does it get a lot of foot traffic? Do you have an irrigation system?

Matching the right sod to your site’s conditions is a crucial first step to sod installation success.

Expert sod installers in Orlando can help you hone in on the right type for you.

3. Where Do You Get Your Sod?

All sod isn’t the same. If some sod installers in Orlando offer prices much lower than others, it’s probably not the highest quality sod.

You don’t want the cheapest sod. You want the healthiest sod — ready to take root, thrive, and make your property look fantastic.

Ground Source sod deliver truck in Orlando, FL

You want sod that’s been well cared for and ready to make a great transition to your yard. You want to be sure it hasn’t been sitting out on a pallet, drying out.

Our sod is cut fresh the day it’s scheduled for delivery to you, not stashed on a pallet somewhere baking in the sun.

4. How Do You Ensure Your Sod is Fresh and Healthy?

Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about where your sod comes from and how it’s cared for before it lands in your yard.

It’s good to be picky. This is a big investment. Quality sod installers will appreciate the questions — if they have the right answers. 

At Ground Source, we drive about an hour farther than we need to and pay about 12 percent more in order to get sod that’s consistently high quality and holds up great, even in the more challenging installation months of June through September.

Our sod provider is the only one in the area that uses an expensive webworm preventative, to keep the sod free of those summer-time damaging pests.

Take the time to know exactly where your sod comes from, and how quickly it arrives and will be installed after being cut on the farm. The sooner your fresh sod goes from farm to your soil, the better, so it doesn’t dry out. The same day is best.

5. Will Your Sod Installers Make Sure Everything’s Level?

The last thing you want is to spend money on new sod installation and then realize later that there were low areas that weren't addressed or humps that you could stumble over. 

Sod installation professionals installing sod

Some corrective grading before sod installation goes a long way.

6. Will Your Sod Installers Check and Adjust My Irrigation Heads?

Once your sod is installed, keeping it watered is crucial.

Roots dry out quickly, and gaps can appear if the sod loses moisture after installation, causing the pieces to shrink.

Your sod installers should make sure all irrigation heads are up and running, and properly adjusted so all corners of your lawn get water. Then, if they have access to your timer, they should set it accordingly.

7. Will You Give Me Detailed Instructions on New Sod Care?

You’re about to make a big investment. Make sure your sod installers don’t just lay the sod and run without giving you detailed instructions on how to care for it.

The instructions for watering new sod vary, depending on what type of grass, what time of year your sod is installed, and if it's planted in sun or shade.

lawn irrigation spraying healthy sod

Water too little, and your sod will wilt and die. 

Water too much, and disease will set in.

Here at Ground Source, we offer a detailed sod care guide. You’ll know what times to water, for how long, and even which of your irrigation heads to use for what amount of time.

8. Do You Offer a Warranty? 

Not all sod installers do, but we warranty sod for 30 days during certain times of the year, as long as customers adhere to our post-care requirements, which include treatment with a starter fertilizer, an approved insecticide, and an approved fungicide, as well as following our watering instructions. Some restrictions apply. 

What Are the Best Sod Installers in My Area? Trust Ground Source

We want your new lawn to thrive as much as you do. That’s why we’re happy to answer all your sod installer questions. You’ll love our answers. 

We’ll have a few questions to ask you, too. 

We’ll ask about your ability to care for your new turf, and chat about the conditions of your property, from your irrigation set-up to the amount of sunlight available.

Your answers will help us guide you to the best sod choice for your property and lifestyle. 

We’re sod experts, but our skills don’t stop there. 

We’re with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

Sod, irrigation, landscape design: Let us transform your yard from an embarrassing eyesore to a place you spend every spare minute.

Are you ready to enjoy the vibrant, impressive yard you've always wanted? Request a quote today! We’ll help you review your options and then transform your property.

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