Should I Work With One Vendor or Multiple Types of Landscape Companies?

Posted by Joe Mouad on Apr 12, 2024 9:45:00 AM

When you head out to get groceries, do you hit one store for bread, another for fruit, a third one for chicken and another one for those frosted cookies you love?

You could, but that would be a big hassle. Way better to find one store that has all the high quality groceries you need.

Now think about hiring landscaping companies. If you’re hiring separate companies to handle your sod installation, your irrigation, and your hardscape projects, you’re dealing with a lot of unnecessary stress. It’s enough to make you eat way too many frosted cookies.

What if you hired one great full-service landscaping company to handle everything, from innovative landscape design to skilled installation to dependable landscape maintenance?

How great would that be?

Let’s take a look.

One Trusted Company Has Your 'Big Picture' in Mind

When one reputable, full-service landscaping company installs your landscaping, who better to take care of it than them?

landscape designer and customer during a consultation reviewing a brochure

They know when your paver patio will need sealing next, or what care your new sod needs. When they’re at your place for a lawn cleanup, they can check your irrigation heads. When they stop by to prune your shrubs they can also check for any signs of damaging insects.

They’ll have the full picture of your entire property — and know exactly what it needs and when.

When You Have One Go-To Company, There’s Less Hassle

When one full-service landscaping company handles all your landscaping needs, from lawn clean-up to irrigation to landscape design and installation, it’s easier on you.

There’s just one place to call when you have questions or concerns about your property, no matter the issue.

Irrigation system leak? Weird brown spots on your lawn? Need a new paver patio? Time for new sod?

You know who to call.

One trusted residential landscaping company handling all your landscaping needs means less stress for you.

One Full-Service Landscaping Company Means Less Confusion

When you use separate types of landscaping companies for different landscaping needs, that means a bunch of separate bids, a flurry of different contracts, tricky scheduling — basically, a whole lot of hassle you don’t need.

Why spend all that extra time on the phone, checking emails and replying to texts? Give yourself a break.

When one full-service landscaping company handles everything, you can breathe easier.

Crews Will Get to Know Your Property

When one residential landscaping company handles all your property’s needs, they’ll become very familiar with your property, and that’s a big plus.

That means they’ll notice changes over time that will alert them to potential problems they can catch early. They’ll notice early signs of an insect infestation or lawn disease. Or a drainage issue that could pose problems. A loose paver that could trip somebody.

You’ll have an extra set of eyes familiar with your property always on the lookout.

Using One Full-Service Landscaping Company Might Save You Money

Using different types of landscaping companies will likely add up to more money in the end than using one skilled company for all your needs.

Use This Guide To Create The Landscape of Your Dreams

Separate companies each have to send out crews on different days. Use one residential landscaping company, and they can often streamline your services to handle more than one service at the same time.

You Can Avoid Unpleasant Finger Pointing

When you have a bunch of different vendors working on your property, there’s big potential for blame to be tossed around.

Hey, who damaged those irrigation heads? Not me. Beats me. Heads? What heads?

When you have one full-service landscaping company on the job, everybody works together for the good of your property.

If grass is dying, what’s the problem? Is it insects? Disease? An irrigation issue? A mowing problem? Everyone can put their heads together to figure it out.

Choose a Full-Service Landscaping Company That Can Handle It All

This is all great on paper, but when you’re hiring a landscaping company, it’s crucial to hire a company that can skillfully handle all your property’s needs.

Not all residential landscapers are up to the challenge.

hardscape installation crew installing a basketweave paver patio

We are.

Here at Ground Source, we’d love to handle all your landscaping needs, from quality sod to skilled landscape design to hardscape installation to lighting.

That way, we can make sure you get the great results you deserve.

Need Full-Service Landscaping in Central Florida? Trust Ground Source

Ready for less stress, less hassle, and more peace of mind about your quality landscaping?

Who wouldn’t be?

Trust the experienced team at Ground Source to streamline your Central Florida landscape maintenance, design and installation, skillfully handling everything from start to finish.

We’d love to tell you more, and we’ll be with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

Sod, irrigation, landscape design: let us transform your yard from an eyesore to a place you want to spend every spare minute.

Are you ready to enjoy the vibrant, impressive yard you've always wanted? Request a quote today! We’ll help you review your options and then transform your property.

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