7 Tips for Hurricane-Tolerant Landscaping in Florida

Posted by Joe Mouad on Feb 16, 2023 2:02:00 PM

Let’s face it, the only truly hurricane-resistant landscaping is a bunch of fake plants arranged in a living room bunker underground.

But that’s no fun.
Some landscaping choices have a better chance of standing up to hurricane-force winds, from hurricane-resistant trees to mulch that’s less likely to scratch your car or break your windows in high winds. 

Take a break from the Weather Channel and let’s take a look.

1. Choose Hurricane-Resistant Trees 

Some trees are more wind-resistant than others, with deeper roots and sturdier trunks and crowns. 

palm trees planted near poolExperts recommend these sturdy wind-resistant trees:

  • Sabal Palm
  • Pygmy Date Palm
  • Live Oak
  • Seagrape
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Sweetgum
  • Holly
  • Sycamore
  • Swamp Chestnut Oak
  • Spruce Pine
  • Bald Cypress
  • Gumbo Limbo

2. Plant Trees in Groups 

A group of trees is sturdier in high winds than one standing alone, and a better choice for hurricane-resistant landscaping. They help protect each other, as well as protecting property and other plants.

trees planting in grouping near patio3. Stay on Top of Tree Maintenance

Hurricane-resistant trees have a better chance of surviving if you stay on top of pruning. 

Check your trees regularly for branches that are dying or damaged and prune them so they don’t become dangerous projectiles in hurricane-force winds.

Proper pruning also helps trees stay strong and healthy, better able to stand up to wind damage.

4. A Tip for Hurricane-resistant Trees: Don’t Overwater

When you water your trees too much, the roots don’t have to search very deep for water. Weak, shallow roots make trees more likely to uproot in strong winds.

sprinkler head waters plantWater less often, but deeply, to encourage deep strong roots that can hang on in high winds for hurricane-tolerant landscaping.

5. Thin Those Tree Crowns

Hardwood trees with dense crowns are landscaping treasures, but that solid mass of limbs can cause high wind to lift a tree right out of the ground. Thin the crowns so air can pass through.

6. Choose Sturdy Fencing 

What’s the sturdiest fence in a hurricane? A big, solid wood fence, right? Nope.
fence with palm trees planted in front of itYou want a fence designed to let wind flow through it, like wire mesh, chain link, trellis style or lattice, with plenty of openings that allow wind to blow through. 

These fences are less likely to tumble down, making them safer choices for hurricane-resistant landscaping.

7. Use Soft Mulch for Hurricane-tolerant Landscaping 

Hard mulches like river rock and pea gravel can cause a lot of damage during hurricane-force winds, slamming into windows and against cars. Ouch.

Mulch Installation at homeSoft mulch like shredded bark is a safer choice for hurricane-tolerant landscaping.

Need More Tips for Hurricane-tolerant Landscaping in Central Florida? Trust Ground Source

Hurricane-resistant trees, soft mulch, sturdy fences — sounds like a job for a full-service landscaping company.

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