What is the Easiest Grass to Grow in Central Florida?

Posted by Joe Mouad on Aug 24, 2023 10:30:00 AM

Nobody ever says, “I want a lawn that takes up so much time, I moved my bed out to the front yard.”

Well, maybe that one neighbor you saw out there last weekend trimming the edges with a tiny pair of scissors.

Most of us want a lawn that looks great, with minimal care.

So, what grass grows best in Florida?It depends on the conditions in your yard, and how much maintenance you’re willing to commit.

What is the easiest grass to grow in Florida?

Let’s take a look.

Got Full Sun? St. Augustine Floratam is a Winner

There’s a reason you see St. Augustine Floratam everywhere around here. It’s perfectly adapted to Florida’s climate, as long as you have a full sun yard. It’s the most common type of sod installation in Central Florida.

st. augustine sod closeup lawnThick and pretty with deep roots, it needs plenty of direct sunlight, a minimum of six hours or more per day. It thrives in hot, humid conditions and grows in a variety of soils.

Its attractive blue-green blades form a dense turf that establishes quickly and easily, making it a great low-maintenance sod.

If you love short grass and daydream about living on a golf course, you’ll have to change your ways. This variety likes to be maintained at 4 to 4.5 inches high. Don’t cut more than one third of the leaf blade off each time. (That’s a great rule to follow in general for the healthiest grass.)

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Water it 2-3 times per week during the warm, dry season.

Then, kick off your shoes and walk barefoot. You’ll have a great wiggle-your-toes-in-the-grass kind of lawn.

Best Grass to Grow in Florida? Try Zoysia

Zoysia is another favorite Florida grass if you have full sun.

Zoysia is green most of the year, dense, with great drought recovery.

Zoysia Grass sod closeupIt doesn’t grow too fast, resists weeds, stands up to wear, and adapts to a wide range of soil types, making it one of the best grasses to grow in Florida.

Plan on weekly mowing during the growing season, preferably with a collection system on the mower. Unlike St. Augustine Floratam, Zoysia likes to be shorter, maintained no higher than 2.5 inches in height.

Stay on top of watering, fertilizing, and insect and disease control.

Lowest-maintenance Sod? Bermuda Makes Things Easy

Hardy Bermuda grass is known for tolerating difficult conditions, from heat to drought to foot traffic. And it recovers from damage quicker than other types of grass.celebration bermuda sod grass

Bermuda is famous for being a tough, durable grass that stands up well in heat and resists common lawn diseases.

If it is damaged, it recovers faster than many other types of grass.

Among the most drought-tolerant grasses, Bermuda does need plenty of sun, though. So don’t plan on it for shady areas.

What’s the Easiest Grass to Grow in Florida? Meet Bahia

Let’s make it clear right up front that Bahia grass isn’t pretty. But if you’re looking for little to no maintenance, it definitely fits the bill.bahia grass sod closeup

Bahia is a mix of grass types that can also include wild grasses and weeds. Need erosion control? It’s great for that, often used on pond banks.

One of the reasons Bahia is the easiest grass to grow in Florida is it has a deep and vigorous root system. It has great heat and drought tolerance, too, making it adaptable to almost any type of soil conditions.

And it doesn’t need as much water as other sod types. Once it’s established, Bahia can live off rainwater alone. And it needs very little fertilization and pest control.

Bahia resists insect damage and disease, too, and stands up to heavy foot traffic.

So if you want grass you can plant and basically ignore, and you’re fine with a wilder, pasture-like look,  Bahia is your grass.

Bonus: it’s cheap.

Best Grass to Grow in Florida? Ask Ground Source

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We’re sod experts, but our skills don’t stop there. We’re with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

Sod, irrigation, landscape design: Let us transform your yard from an embarrassing eyesore to a place you spend every spare minute.

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