How to Protect Landscape Lighting Wire in Your Yard

Posted by Joe Mouad on Nov 16, 2023 10:30:00 AM

Dogs protect their bones by burying them. Pirates protect their treasure by burying it.

So when it’s time to protect your landscape lighting wire, you bury it, right?

Right. And if you dig up a really great bone or some gold doubloons while you’re doing it, bonus!

What else can you do to protect landscape lighting wire?

Let’s take a look.

First, Use The Best Wire

When you’re burying low-voltage landscape lighting wire, make sure it’s rated as “direct burial.” That way it’s sturdy enough to use underground without needing to be encased in conduit, which means extra expense and labor.

landscape lighting around a patio with planting beds and palm trees

Wire rated as direct burial has to pass various water absorption and crush-resistance tests.

When you connect that wire to your landscape lighting, make sure the connectors are waterproof, too. They’re the weak spots in your landscape lighting wiring, especially when it comes to moisture.

The best connectors are filled with silicone sealant that prevents moisture from seeping in.

Call Before You Dig

Before you do any digging in your yard, call 811, the national “Call Before you Dig Hotline.” You can request that the approximate location of buried utilities be marked with paint or flags so that you don’t unintentionally dig into an underground water, sewer, or electrical line.

Dig Deep Enough

Bury your landscape lighting wiring deep enough so it doesn’t get cut.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) dictates that low-voltage wire up to 30 volts (the typical type used for landscape lighting) has to be buried at least six inches deep.

Replace any sod that you removed during the process so your grass can grow back into place.

Use Landscape Staples in Beds

When laying landscape lighting wiring in flower beds, it doesn’t need to be buried as deeply, because you won’t be mowing over it.

You can use landscaping staples to keep the wire from moving around, then cover it with mulch.

The Conduit Question

You might read that you should enclose landscape lighting wiring in PVC conduit to protect it. That adds expense and labor to the job that really isn’t necessary.

landscape lighting in front yard of a house with lawn and palm trees

It’s easier to repair a cut wire, which does happen occasionally.

Try to Avoid High-Use Areas

Try to avoid laying landscape lighting wire in heavily used areas where you or landscaping crews will be working every week. You don’t want wiring constantly damaged by string trimmers, lawnmowers, and edgers.

If possible, run the wire behind shrubs, along fence lines, and around other objects that can help conceal it.

Map Your Landscape Lighting Wiring

When landscape lighting wiring is buried and out of sight, it’s easy to forget about it. When you head out after a year to install a new flower bed — oops — it’s easy to slice right through the wire with your shovel.

landscape lighting fixture in groundcover bed

Consider sketching a map of where the wiring runs throughout your yard. Then give the map a glance before you do any digging out there.

Consider Pros for Your Landscape Lighting

When you hire landscape lighting experts to install your outdoor lighting, you don’t have to worry about all the details like protecting landscape lighting wiring.

Landscape lighting is tricky. There are lots of important details to get just right.

Look for a Central Florida landscape lighting company that goes beyond basic wiring and fixtures. They should know how to plan the right color temperature and expert placement so your yard looks subtly stunning, not garish and overdone.

If landscape lighting isn’t installed by experts, it can cast an uncomfortable and unattractive glare.

Is uplighting best for a certain spot? Or downlighting? How far away from the transformer can fixtures be?

Ask us anything. You’ll love our answers. We make it easy, start to finish. No hassles. Wait for the compliments.

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