When Should You Get Your Sod Replaced In Orlando

Posted by Joe Mouad on Apr 26, 2017 4:54:30 PM

In "The City Beautiful" Orlando, sod replacement can quickly become a need, not a want. The appearance of your lawn has a huge impact on the attractiveness and value of your home. In a real estate market where every little bit counts in order to sell your home, the appearance of your lawn should be a priority.

With proper care and maintenance, your sod should not have to be replaced very often, if at all. You should be watering your lawn on occasion, and even more so when there is a drought, in addition to weeding and maintaining pest control. Sometimes, even the lawn that has the best care needs to be replaced; if you see any of these signs, it may be time to replace your sod. Let's look at some reasons why you might consider a sod replacement.

Bare Spots

When a lawn has bare spots that don't seem to go away, regardless of how much you water them or fertilize them, you probably need to replace the sod in that area. The bare spots could be due to an insect infestation or it may simply be dead and unable to soak up nutrients. Bare spots can also be due to heavy foot traffic on the lawn or urine from your pets, completely killing the grass.

Weed Overpopulation

If your lawn has been completely taken over by weeds and using weed killer doesn't help, then it is definitely time to replace your sod. Some weeds are very persistent and will not go away until they are killed at the root. Even then, you need to be careful to not leave any traces of the roots because they can grow back if even the smallest bit of root is still left in the ground.

You Want to Change the Type of Grass

If your lawn came with a St. Augustine grass and you want to switch to a Bermuda or Zoysia grass, you'll need to dig and till your current lawn completely before planting the new grass. Of course, we can help. In Orlando, sod replacement is one of several of our specialties.

What Time of Year?

The best time to re-sod your lawn depends on what type of climate you live in. In Central Florida, and particularly in Orlando, sod replacement is best done from April to July, for warm climate grasses. For cool season grasses, you should plan to re-sod anywhere from March to September.

Why Call Ground Source Landscaping?

Ground Source has been serving Central Florida for a long time and are known as Orlando's Sod Installation and Replacement experts. We have many happy customers that are very happy to spread the word about us.

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