5 Tips to Prevent Weeds Growing Between Pavers in Your Patio or Driveway

Posted by Joe Mouad on Mar 14, 2024 9:45:00 AM

Can we all take a minute to swear about weeds?

They’re in your lawn, in your flower beds and they even sneak into your planters.

You might think you fooled the leafy villains with that paver project. There’s no way weeds can sprout in hard concrete pavers, right?

Sorry. If you think pavers can prevent weeds, you don’t know weeds.

How to prevent weeds in pavers?

Check out these tips:

1. Prevent Weeds in Pavers with a Thick, Quality Base

It all starts underground, with a dense base beneath those pavers.

Never skimp on your paver base.

You want a six-inch base beneath driveway pavers and three to four inches under patios and walkways.

hardscape installation crew member leveling base material for a paver walkway

The crushed concrete base beneath your pavers is super important. A thick layer not only keeps weeds from sprouting, but its coarse texture also allows for good drainage and helps lock the pavers into place.

2. Sealer, Sealer, Sealer

That’s right, it’s worth saying three times.

Worried about weeds in pavers? Sealing your pavers will keep pesky weed seeds from nestling into the joints and taking root. Weeds love it when dirt settles into those cracks between the pavers, creating the perfect place to sprout.

Sealer isn’t a one-time thing.

You’ll need to reapply sealer every 2- 5 years. When Ground Source crews apply new sealer they also touch up and add new sand between pavers, another move to prevent weeds.

hardscape technicians sealing a paver border around a swimming pool

How often you need sealer depends on several factors, including whether the area is covered or exposed, if it's under a screen enclosure with UV protection, if it's located under a tree or in a humid area.

Sealer is a real multi-tasker. Its protective coating helps prevent weeds in pavers, but it prevents other paver patio problems, too:

  • It prevents fading. Without sealer, the sun’s harsh rays will fade your paver driveway’s great color.
  • It protects from weathering. You don’t want pounding rain to weather the surface of your driveway.
  • It locks in the sand between each paver for a tight fit, keeping your pavers in place.
  • It deters pesky ants. They love building mounds in those spaces between pavers.
  • Sealer repels stains from oil and grime.

3. Consider Polymeric Sand to Prevent Weeds in Pavers

Using polymeric sand between pavers is an upgrade that costs more, but it does help deter weeds.

If you think it sounds kind of science-y, you’re right. Unlike regular sand, it’s bound with polymers that cause it to harden after it’s swept into the joints and sprayed with water. That makes it tougher for weeds to take root.

4. Keep Up with Landscape Maintenance

How to get rid of weeds in pavers? Target the tenacious seeds.

Weed seeds are everywhere — stuck to the bottom of your shoes, nestled in your dog’s fur, hiding in bird poop.

And they're everywhere in your landscaping. So keep things as tidy as possible out there to keep weeds out of your pavers.

Stay on top of the weeds in your planting beds. Don’t blow grass clippings onto your patio when you mow. Use herbicides as needed to kill weeds in pavers and keep them under control in your landscaping.

5. DIY Paver Project? Prevent Weeds As You Go

If you’re tackling your own paver project, keep the weed prevention tips we just talked about in mind as you go:

Don’t skimp on the base. Consider using polymeric sand. Be sure to use sealer on your finished product.

Or, Let the Pros Tackle Your Paver Project

Why add one more weed worry to your plate? Give yourself a break and trust your paver project to the pros.

At Ground Source, we make the whole process easy, from brainstorming ideas at your kitchen table to showing you samples of pavers to walking you through the project and keeping you informed. And we’ve got the whole weed prevention thing down.

hardscape paver patio and outdoor furniture

Our paver delivery and installation bid includes:

  • Removal of your old concrete and soil/sod excavation (including hauling costs)
  • Cost and installation of crushed concrete
  • The pavers specified in your bid
  • Paver sand for gap filling
  • Clean-up and disposing of excess material
  • Hand-troweled concrete edge restraint
  • Rinsing off of paver dust from plants and buildings
  • Stacking of excess pavers in a specified location

Not included: sealing pavers; pressure-washing of nearby surfaces; irrigation modifications; sod repair

Learn More With Our Homeowner's Guide to Hardscape Project Planning

How to Prevent Weeds in Pavers? Trust Ground Source

Sure, you want your paver patio or driveway to look great. But it also has to work great, including proper installation to avoid common and frustrating paver problems like weeds.

Need hardscaping and paver maintenance in Central Florida?

We get it right the first time. But if some other installer didn’t, we can update your paver patio or driveway to make things right.

We’re paver experts, with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

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