Paver Repairs: Signs It's Time to Repair or Replace Concrete Pavers

Posted by Joe Mouad on Dec 19, 2023 10:45:00 AM

Everybody remembers the day their new paver project was finished.

It was the greatest thing you’ve ever seen, right?

You posted so many patio photos on Instagram your kids were embarrassed. You sat out in the driveway so long with your groceries, just looking at those pretty pavers, your mint chip ice cream melted.

But stuff happens.

Years pass and pavers can chip or crack. If you didn’t have skilled pros install your pavers, whole sections can sink. Drainage issues can cause flooding problems.

What happens when you need concrete paver repairs? Can you fix them? Or should you replace the whole project?

Let’s take a look.

The Cool Thing About Pavers

One of the great things about pavers is they’re pretty sturdy.

Unlike solid slabs of concrete, pavers flex and move as they shift, which means they don’t typically crack.

paver driveway with retaining wall and tropical planting beds

If a paver does get chipped or damaged, it can be replaced. That’s why it’s a good idea to save a few pavers from your original hardscape installation.

Even if tree roots grow underneath and start to push pavers up, you can pick up the pavers, remove the offending tree roots, and replace the pavers.

How to Remove Pavers

So you need to remove a damaged paver to replace it. Now what?
It’s pretty easy.

Professional hardscaping companies should have a tool called a paver extractor specifically designed for this task, but you probably have what you need for a quick paver repair in your garage tool box.

Grab two flathead screwdrivers or two sturdy putty knives.

Place the edges of the flatheads or putty knives on each side of the paver you want to remove and pry the paver up until you can grab it. Then pull it out the rest of the way by hand.

It’s easy to replace a damaged paver here and there, but sometimes the paver repair problem is bigger. When do you need more extensive paver repairs?

When Paver Repairs Mean Starting Over

Some paver problems are due to structural issues.

Maybe you notice low spots, or pavers that no longer stay in place. Maybe you have standing water.

Your paver patio or driveway may not have been installed properly in the first place. Maybe your Central Florida paver installers took shortcuts or made mistakes.

If your paver project doesn’t have a solid base, it can sink or hold standing water that doesn’t drain properly.

hardscape technician running a plate compactor over a paver driveway

The crushed concrete base beneath your pavers is super important. Its coarse texture allows for drainage and helps lock the pavers into place.

You don’t want to skimp on base.

If you have paver base problems, put those two flat head screwdrivers away. You need more than a few pavers replaced. Your paver replacement cost is going to include re-doing the project the right way, and possibly re-excavating the site.

Concrete Paver Repairs: Have They Shifted?

Why are your pavers suddenly all over the place? Check your edging. It’s supposed to keep your pavers snugly in place.

Here in Central Florida, it’s important to use concrete molded edging, not plastic edging with spikes. The soil is too sandy and soft here for that. You’ll end up with paver edging problems.

Orlando concrete paver repair might mean replacing the edging with the sturdy stuff.

Edging looks fine? Pavers still shifting? Do some downspout detective work.

Learn More With Our Homeowner's Guide to Hardscape Project Planning

Is there a downspout on the corner of your garage or house that pours down onto your pavers?

Over time that water flow can loosen the sand between pavers, causing them to shift.

Your concrete paver repair might just mean moving that downspout so it doesn’t empty onto your pavers.

Speaking of water issues…

Paver Repairs: Water Problems

When a paver patio, driveway or walkway is installed, certain steps are supposed to happen to allow for proper drainage.

You would think your paver walkway, driveway, or patio needs to be perfectly level, but that’s not exactly true.

Your paver project should pitch to the side a bit, so water can drain.

The area should look and seem flat and level, but will be installed with just enough tilt for proper drainage.

brick paver sidewalk on a slope

If your patio or driveway can’t drain properly, you end up with standing water, erosion, foundation damage, or even a wet basement.

Paver repairs in this case mean removing the pavers, re-leveling the sunken areas, and replacing the pavers.

Orlando Concrete Paver Repair: Is Your Driveway Crumbling?

Pavers can sometimes be installed on top of concrete surfaces, like over concrete pool decks or on front porches.

But not on top of concrete driveways.

Pavers can’t flex like they need to on a driveway and will crumble to pieces if placed on top of concrete.

Your concrete paver repair will require an entire re-do.

Ask About Your Paver Warranty

Before you sign on the dotted line for your paver installation, make sure you know warranty details.

At Ground Source, we offer a two-year warranty on all paver installation, which covers defects in material and workmanship. (Remember, pavers naturally have variations in color, texture, and wear. That’s not a “defect.”)

The warranty specifically covers cracking, settling, and shifting.

pool artificial turf fire pit paver patio seating lounge chairs

Need Concrete Paver Repairs? Trust Ground Source

Sure, you want your paver patio or driveway to look great. But it also has to work great, including proper installation to avoid common and frustrating paver problems.

We get it right the first time. But if some other installer didn’t, we can update your paver patio or driveway to make things right.

Sod, irrigation, landscape design: our design and installation teams can cover every inch of your landscape transformation. Let us transform your yard to a place you can’t wait to come home to.

Are you ready to enjoy the vibrant, impressive yard you've always wanted? Request a quote today! We’ll help you review your options and then transform your property.

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