7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Artificial Turf (& Alternatives for Your Lawn)

Posted by Joe Mouad on Mar 21, 2024 10:39:00 AM

If you have an artificial turf lawn, have you looked at it closely lately?

You’re probably too busy deep sea fishing or taking tango lessons or doing all the fun stuff a homeowner can do when they don’t have to mow, weed or fertilize their lawn. Lucky.

But if you’ve had your easy care lawn for a while, take a close look. Your artificial turf’s lifespan isn’t forever.

How do you know if you’re ready for artificial grass replacement?

artificial turf lawn in a central florida backyard

Check out these signs:

1. Your Turf is Faded

The sun is really bright here in Central Florida, and even the greenest artificial turf starts to fade eventually.

High quality artificial grass includes built-in UV ray blockers to slow that process, but all artificial grass will lose its vibrant color over time as your artificial turf lifespan wears on.

2. The Turf Fibers Are Split

Does your artificial turf look weird in the sunlight? The fibers might be splitting, which makes light reflect off them differently.

They won’t look as green as they used to when it was newer.

3. The Seams Are Coming Apart

Yikes. This is more likely to happen with older and lower-cost artificial grass that isn’t as high quality as newer premium versions.

Splitting seams can also be due to poor installation or extra heavy use.

Seams that are coming apart not only look bad, they pose a tripping hazard. Time for artificial grass replacement.

Use This Guide To Create The Landscape of Your Dreams

4. Stains or Odors

Gross. High quality artificial turf is engineered to resist stains and odors, but they can set in over time, especially if spills or pet urine aren’t always cleaned up right away.

Artificial turf maintenance really matters.

Organic matter doesn’t break down naturally on artificial turf the way it does on a natural lawn. This can lead to stains, mold and bad odors. Not good.

Stains left on turf become tough to remove, leading to the need for artificial turf replacement.

5. Drainage Issues

Have you noticed standing water on your artificial turf? Slow drainage.

Over time, the drainage system of your artificial turf may become clogged with debris, leading to poor water flow and drainage issues.

paver patio with artificial turf seams and a lawn drain

Excess water can damage your artificial turf, which may lead to the need to replace it.

6. Is Your Turf Matted?

After years of use, as your artificial grass lifespan wears on, artificial turf can get matted, when the grass fibers no longer stand up straight and get entangled.

This is especially likely if your lawn gets heavy foot traffic.

7. How Old is Your Artificial Turf?

Estimates vary on the lifespan of artificial turf, and it depends a lot on how well you take care of it, how much foot traffic it gets and whether or not you have dogs.

While estimates range from eight to 20 years, most brands offer a five-year warranty.

Newer versions of artificial turf have advanced along with technology and are of higher quality than turf manufactured a decade ago. If your turf is outdated, it won’t look as great as newer types on the market now.

It’s Time for Artificial Turf Replacement: Now What?

You have some choices here.

You could replace your worn out artificial turf with a new artificial lawn of higher quality.

Artificial turf definitely has its advantages:

  • It looks like real grass. It even comes in different blade lengths and widths, colors and textures, like real grass, so you can choose the look you like.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. All that mowing, irrigating, blowing, and trimming real grass creates some air and noise pollution. Artificial turf puts a stop to that.
  • It’s always green. Your lawn always looks great.
  • No more grass clippings blowing into your pool.

But artificial turf has its downsides, too:

  • It’s expensive. A lawn that might cost $1,000 in natural sod will cost about $8,000 in artificial turf. Do you want to spend that much for artificial grass replacement?
  • As you’ve discovered, It doesn’t last forever.
  • It doesn’t drain like real grass. You need a drainage system built in so rain can seep through.
  • It doesn’t produce oxygen as natural turf does.

Should you consider another option?

How About Hardscape?

Love low maintenance? You can’t beat hardscape.

hardscape paver patio and outdoor furniture

Imagine an expansive paver patio with enough space to create several outdoor rooms for dining, lounging, maybe a peaceful spot for morning yoga or fireside wine tasting.

Go for Garden Beds

So many great plants in Central Florida. Fill your landscape with fragrant Asiatic Jasmine. Stunning blue Lily of the Nile. Bright yellow Gold Mound Duranta. Palms, palms, palms.

Maybe Mondo Grass?

A low-maintenance option with the look and feel of grass, mondo grass is Ground Source landscape designer Eric Frisch’s top pick for the best Florida ground cover to replace grass.

CC mondo grass

A great Florida grass alternative that never needs mowing, Mondo Grass grows well in almost any soil and light conditions.

It’s not actually grass, but its grass-like strappy foliage forms dense tufts that slowly spread over time.

Once established, you can pretty much forget about it.

How About Real Live Sod?

Here’s a crazy idea: maybe you’re ready to replace your artificial turf and opt for live lawn ownership.

Imagine the soft, cool feel under your bare feet. That fresh grass fragrance when you mow. Take good care of your emerald green carpet, and it’ll last for decades.

sod lawn in central florida with irrigation and a planting bed

No worries about smells or stains or split fibers or fading.

Trust Your Central Florida Artificial Turf to Ground Source

If your once-perfect artificial turf isn’t looking so great anymore, it’s time to replace it.

Need artificial turf installation in Central Florida? We've got you. Ready to try another option, from pavers to garden beds to fresh new sod?

Happy to help.

Questions? Let us help you figure it out.

We’re turf experts, and we’re with you every step of the way as you plan your perfect outdoor space.

Sod, irrigation, landscape design (including artificial grass if you’d like): Let us transform your yard from an embarrassing eyesore to a place you spend every spare minute.

Are you ready to enjoy the vibrant, impressive yard you've always wanted? Request a quote today! We’ll help you review your options and then transform your property.

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Image Sources | Mondo Grass

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