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Posted by Joe Mouad on Dec 8, 2022 9:13:00 AM

5 Common Newly Laid Sod Problems in Central Florida

A new sod lawn is exciting, right? Maybe you’ve already bought new backyard furniture and sent the invitations to your first big backyard cookout. (Don’t forget brownies. Everybody loves brownies.)

Then you realize your new sod is turning brown.

Posted by Joe Mouad on Oct 6, 2022 1:41:18 PM

Do’s and Don’ts of Central Florida Sod Installation

You don’t want to be the neighborhood’s example of bad sod installation. People pointing, whispering, driving really slowly past your house.

You went through that once when you installed your own roof, remember?

Sod installation in Florida isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but it isn’t the easiest, either.